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Gine On?! TV

Top Ten Talk – Week 144

Selecta Charts Top 10 – January 13th – 19th Watch the full show here! Kofi and Hadiya take you through the #Top10 for Week 144. New...

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Lil Rick Too R.H Raw?

Bajan Fari want to know why people got problems with Lil Rick singing No R.H. Years now Bajan Fari has been engaging with the community communicating...

Gine On?! TV

Top Ten Talk – Week 140

Selecta Charts Top 10 – December 12th – 16th Watch the full thing here! Top Ten Talk is back! Kofi and Hadiya take you through the...



Of a creative/cultural practitioner for 2020 Scooping-up dog-poop has become an almost daily chore since moving to my father’s ancestral home...

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Count Your Blessings Hear!

John Yarde and Nathanael reminding you of how much you should be grateful for Watch the video now! Sometimes we get stressed out you know… Well...

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Music Video Of The Year

Have a look at the videos nominated and make your choice! Hit the square with the nominee’s title to make your selection. CHOOSE CAREFULLY...


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