Integrate Your Brand With Influencers

Align your brand with the power of the people!

Integrate your brand with categories in the Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards Ceremony.

Your unique brand story can be creatively crafted and told through video connecting to specific categories!

Your company’s logo could be branded on the envelopes containing the winners in the hands of our cultural influencers. 

Your brand would be mentioned and featured in all promotional videos, radio, interviews, and while the winner of the categories are being announced during the celebration ceremony!

Have your logo engraved in the awards themselves to live on as priceless memories for the winners and their community!

Contact us now at or 246-837-2136 for this special offer for the Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards Ceremony 2020.

Browse here to see how your brand can move beyond simply a product or service and make emotional deposits into the hearts and minds of consumers.

Meet some influencers and see how we do it!

Co-Founder Keisha Simmons introducing you to just some of the cultural influencers you can align your brand or business with! Establish deep connections with your audience. Check below!

Enjoy the video here!

Let’s connect to creatively build your brand and connect emotionally with the hearts of your consumers. Just contact us! Email or call (246) 837-2136 and we are ready! To see how affordable it is for you to share your stories with us check the both pages of the PDF below!


Download the media kit!

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