Gine On Creative Media

Our team can create engaging videos that shares your brand story over large networks!

One-Stop Shop For Creating Your Content

Our team can save you the time and effort in producing videos that engage and grow your community. Focus on building your company while we tell everyone how great it is!


We create relevant videos that help to tell your brand story!


Videos published online to large markets for the public to learn more about your campaigns and specials!


Your product promoted on our web platform where the public can make direct orders!

Starts at $200 per month

A single story experience created monthly. Our team produces 1 – 2 videos for your social media and digital platforms.

One 60 second video per month for digital platforms ($200)
Two 60 second videos per month for digital platforms ($300)

Influencer Integration

Have your brand story told through creative videos distributed on the large and unique networks of the right cultural influencers that suit your brand. You will also have promotions running on our website and our weekly radio show. This resembles a payment plan for your company.

Single Story + $100 for each video

Promotion on radio show & website ad space

Take advantage of the traffic engaging with our website and weekly radio show on CBC. Your brand will be mentioned weekly live on air and have your promo ad running on our website.

Single Story + $70 per month

Starts at $800 per video

A multi-fabric story campaign cleverly crafted. We create relevant videos that help to tell your brand story! We provide the services of writing the campaigns, creating relationships with the influencers, filming and editing the videos, and helping to distribute them over digital networks.

Influencer Marketing

We plan and produce a campaign of videos integrated with various cultural influencers that suit your brand story. We find the right talent and stories to grip your community, educate them about your brand and help them to love you more!

Distributed Widely

The videos are distributed over large networks over the course of several weeks. The price will vary based additional costs based on the longevity and reach of the campaign.

Generate Online Orders

The videos can be repurposed and published on our dedicated Online Order Shop. Our community will be stimulated to order your products and services directly after viewing the media and learning more!

Product Promoted

The Online Order Shop will be consistently promoted via our social media, radio and mailing list to reach tens of thousands of individuals each week. You will be instantly notified when someone has placed an order and wants what you have!

Free Add-On Service

The shop will feature video promos, artwork for specials and sales, and coupons for discounts for your products and services. We can get create as you like getting you some extra orders!

Promote your brand on radio

On our weekly radio show Saturday mornings on CBC 94.7 FM, we can intelligently and creatively integrate your company into various segments.

Interview Segment

We have entertaining and educating conversation with various local personalities and influencers each week at the beginning of the show. These interviews are also streamed live and saved on our Instagram feed as well. We can integrate your brand throughout the session with memorable moments to help stay relevant with the public.

20 minute segment ($180)

Open Mic Segment

At 12:30 pm each week we feature lyricists from all over the island who call in and perform work to inspire. It is a segment or community really connects with. We can repeatedly promote your brand throughout this segment and connect you to loyal listeners to build relationships.

15 minute segment ($120)

Music Session Segment

At any point during the show your brand can be integrated in 15 minutes of the most recent and popular songs of Barbados ranging across any genre! Your brand can be immersed throughout the music and you can even have special promo ads played as well.

15 minute segment ($120)

Some Of Our Friends We Have Helped

Align your brand with the power of the people!

Integrate your brand with categories in the Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards Ceremony.

Your unique brand story can be creatively crafted and told through video connecting to specific categories!

Your company’s logo could be branded on the envelopes containing the winners in the hands of our cultural influencers. 

Your brand would be mentioned and featured in all promotional videos, radio, interviews, and while the winner of the categories are being announced during the celebration ceremony!

Have your brand boasted in one of a kind live performances at the Celebration Ceremony to live on as priceless moments in cultural history!

Contact us now at or 246-837-2136 for this special offer for the Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards Ceremony 2022.

Browse here to see how your brand can move beyond simply a product or service and make emotional deposits into the hearts and minds of consumers.

Meet some influencers and see how we do it!

Co-Founder Keisha Simmons introducing you to just some of the cultural influencers you can align your brand or business with! Establish deep connections with your audience. Check below!

Enjoy the video here!

Let’s partner to creatively build your brand and connect emotionally with the hearts of your consumers. Just contact us! Email or call (246) 837-2136 and we are ready! To see how affordable it is for you to share your stories with us, contact us for a free one-on-one consultation.

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