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Top Ten Talk – Nandi’s Favourite Songs To Wuk Up To

Preimiering at June 6th | 6pm!

You could easily see that popular Bajan dancer Nandi loves to wuk up. But you ever wondered which songs are some of her favourite to move to?

The Top Ten Talk team contacted her and she was fussy to share not just her top ten (that was too hard) but her top 13 songs to wuk up to. Our hosts Kofi and Hadiya are here to take you through Nandi’s list, in a countdown style ordered alphabetically.

Top Ten Talk is filmed is the comfortable setting of IGI Gourmet Delights restaurant located in Mall 34. They have some of the tastiest and healthy options to make sure you can keep your belly and your body feeling great.

Which songs do you think will make it? Watch and see! And comment below and let us know which songs would you add to the action. Make sure the share the list with anyone willing to keep up with Nandi’s moves.

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