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Drink Up Like Belle!

Try “BELLE’s PUNCH DRUNK BREW” From Belle Holder

“Drink up me lovelies this Brew is sure to make you smile with each sip! Make it with love and all of your guests will love it”

Belle Holder

What You Will Need:

Big punch bowl
Serving ladle 

1 bottle Sweet White wine
1 bottle Sorrel Shandy
1 small bottle or half a bottle of Sparkling Wine (aka cheap champagne – like veuve du vernay rose)
Pelt in some Falernum (by using the sweet wine & falernum you will Not need to add sugar nor simple syrup which is what I did) 
Half litre Pine Hill Dairy Fruit Punch
1 can or small bottle of Sprite

Pour in some Dark Rum (Brand of your choice. I ain’t know how much I does do a feel & eye ball it pour – Do not use Vodka, Do not use white rum…that’s vile and against the rules; I like using white wine & not red because red doesn’t mix well with every juice. Adding orange juice to a red makes your mixture an ugly murky Colour)

Stir the mixture

Put BIG ice block in the center (you can use a fun shaped bowl to make your big ice or even a balloon if you want a ball shape – Do not use ice cubes they melt too quickly and dilute your punch) 

Drop in Frozen grapes
Fresh Strawberries
2 sliced & de-cored fresh Apples
Blueberries (are a nice touch)
1 or 2 peel and sliced

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