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EP 3 | Kweku Jalani The Hear Wuh Gine On Podcast

  1. EP 3 | Kweku Jalani
  2. EP 2 | David Kirton
  3. EP 1 | Wuh Gine On? – Meet Ya Co-Hosts!

Wuh Gine On!

Welcome to The Hear Wuh Gine On Podcast. An audioscape built just for you, to learn more about Barbadian Artists, cultural practitioners and personalities. Barbados is more than just sun, sand and sea! It’s filled with the stories and immersive experiences of its people and brimming over with a unique culture.

Join Empress Zingha and DJ Simmons, Co-Founders of to learn more about arts and culture in Barbados. This is brought to you by the Gine On People’s Choice Awards!

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Learn more about our Gine On Awards here and how you can sound your voice in highlighting some of the best in Bajan art, culture and community.

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september, 2023

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