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A Shining Spirit Happy To Honour Her Home

Featured interview with songbird Kimberley Inniss

Watch the full interview here!

Many have missed her crystal vocals highlighting the music scene in Barbados. Don’t worry though, the beautiful singer and songwriter Kimberley Inniss is here and happy to be home! Gine On had the great opportunity to sit and catch up with the vocalist to learn about her journey over the past couple of years. Also, did you know she is working on a special music project covering some big Bajan classics?! Done in a way only Kim can bring. And we are here for it.

She really let loose on how important this new EP she is working on is to her and the triumphs and struggles she has had with it. She was even comfortable enough to share some sweet gems about her experience in the industry. This one is good! We encourage to watch our full video interview with her as she shares stories of spending early years in the US, embracing the stage, favourite memories of Crop Over, and how much her children means to her and more. Oh and yes sweet girl is a grandmother! You could believe that?

We have been missing Kimberley and she is here! Immerse yourself in her story and follow her online for the release of the incredible music and visuals she is about to share with us. Please share this story with all your peoples. We thank you so much for watching and keep up with us on social media too!

Watch the NCF’s Mini Concert with Kimberley right here

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