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Bajan Fari: ReBoRnEd

Exclusive interview with well known Barbadian vlogger, photographer and personality on his rebirth after a brain tumour

Out and bad. Boom! Dun talk. This is what greeted every time you enjoyed the colourful content of a Bajan Fari video. Most of Barbados, and a loyal following overseas too, pined for his no nonsense social commentary on trending topics in Barbados. From vlogs on YouTube, to radio shows and even Ted Talks, Fari blazed a charismatic trail. But then; brain tumour. Lost his eye sight. Just so…

The lens he focused through so often when taking beautiful photogrpaher turned dark. Just like the times he has been battling through for the last two years. However, after two successful surgeries, he is back! New spirit and a rekindled flame wrapped in a new title. Bajan Fari: ReBoRnEd.

We know you missed him over the time and you have been waiting to hear what exactly was up with your boy. So when Empress Zingha had the opportunity to sit with the man as he shared the story of his journey, we had to make sure you were a part of it. We invite you to cool yourself with your favourite snack or beverage and learn a lil sain bout Bajan Fari.

If this story inspires you, or even if you just like it a lil bit, please share the link so all of your people can enjoy it too! Keep up with the stories of Bajan creatives right here!

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