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With a masters degree in Arts Entrepreneurship and award winning writing and acting achievements, Empress Zingha combines her prowess with husband D.J Simmons who has over a decade of experience in the performing arts, content creation and publishing. Together they founded Gine On?!. The content-rich platform living on, showcases an immersive experience into Bajan artists and communities to leverage their cultural influence to help brands better connect with audiences.

Too many times Zingha & D.J would hear; “Where else does events like this happen?” “Nothing happens bout hey?” “Anything else going on other than fetes?” “I didn’t even know about this body”. Gine On?! has embraced the popular phrase used thousands of times during the day in Barbados to make sure locals and the world know “wuh gine on” with our rich culture through this online, access anytime hub.

Beginning as an online magazine, now brings that experience to the web with a great archive Arts, Food, Fashion and Community that keeps growing. 

Quick overviews of upcoming events and links to new releases from local artists and content creators. And you see that search tool… powerful! The best way to find all related content on your favourite artist and culural topics on our site.

Under Arts we tell the stories of powerful cultural influencers through video Features. Highlight strong up and coming talent in Artist Peeps. Digest the experiences of stalwarts in the industry in Craftsmen Of Our Men. We link you directly to Bajans producing quality content all over the web through the page New Brand

Bajans love to eat and drink and through Crumbs & Rums we take you into the lives of our local farmers and vendors in Bridgetown Market. Share homegrown recipes and food & beverage blogs in Eat Bajan. Explore the diner things around here in Eating Out In Bim and link up with those street stalls who save our bellies in On De Side

Culture is only as strong its Community. Connect with some of the most engaging Bajans through our Features. See and hear the experience patrons and performers had at events under So How It Was. Discover new places to lime and truly treasure Barbados in Part You Carring Me.

We are so fussy to announce Gine On TV. A variety of video specials and entertaining shorts with a Bajan flair. Be uniquely entertained by some of your favourite local personalities. Real Reactions, Ask Me Anything, Top Ten Talk and more.

You know Bajans know how to take care of ourselves and in Follow Fashion Features we direct you to some the local designers in the industry. Get tips and tricks in trends, hair and body care through Looking Like A Bajan Of course our official Gine On merchandise is also available. Hats and mugs; with fitted tees and tote bags coming soon!

This site is building an archive documenting Barbadian culture to connect our passions and creativity. Make sure you join our mailing list community to keep up with our great posts. Any questions, suggestions, queries or just want to send some love; contact us at Hit our social media at @wuhgineon on Instagram and Facebook. See you somewhere sometime soon.

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