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Gine On Wid Brutal Crankstar

Watch the full interview right here!

There are certain people in society that seem to shine through no matter what is happen. Who are connected to what is happening around them. And can communicate stories relevant to a people pining for a piece of pride. Whether the lyrics crude or conscious, one thing any one who listens to the music of Brutal Crankstar must admit is dem hard.

One of Barbados’ leading dancehall artists and the winner of that award in the People’s Choice Awards 2020, Brutal dropping a full length album on November 5th. Ix true! But in order to deliver this album, emotions and experiences have influence the Bajan artist. In this exclusive conversation with host Empress Zingha, they reason about various topics we can relate to. From how we see ourselves as Barbadians and the impact of music, to what Brutal learned from being incarcerated and raising his son. Watch the full thing. It hard fuh trut!

You can check out his new album below!

Listen to the album on YouTube (Parental Advisory)

These are stories we can learn something from. Watch this full interview and share it with your peoples! As always, thank you for watching.

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