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Dinner With G Goes To The Mill

The Mill restaurant always piqued my interest but life never let that dining star align. Flipping through social media their pops of yellow popped up advertising newly extended hours, lunch for dinner now twice a week! Dinner with G. found ourselves popping over to The Mill for October.

The Mill restaurant true to its name is a semi-outdoor casual dining restaurant in the shadow of an old Windmill at the Millhouse Complex in Canewood St. Thomas. The Mill encapsulates trendy vibes, like their social media this is a perfectly curated space. Rustic furnishings, bright yellow hews and just enough greenery and a fountain which gives you the perfect haven on a busy workday.

Lunch for Dinner

How does a daytime haven measure up to night time expectations? Even though sporting the same menu night time dining always creates a higher anticipation. Less of a haven it’s now a destination, dinner is usually the highlight of your evening.

The Mill Menu  

The Mill’s charm is their refreshing simplicity which is expertly carried over from their ambience to their menu. Their menu which exemplifies light casual dining is split into four section The Mill Breakfast, The Mill Lunch, Poke’ and Ramen. As breakfast is not available for dinner, a travesty tome but alas, their Lunch, Poke’ and Ramen menu serve as your dinner options.

The Mill Lunch ($25 – $45) serves up great options like lamb burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and fish and chip platters just to name a few. Shout out to the vegan options under the “Yummy Mummies lunch”. The other two newwave trendy options would make any hipster proud; Poke’ ($30 – $35) a Hawaiiandish made of diced raw fish, pronounced “Po-kay” and the now popular Ramen ($25- $28) which is taking North American eatery’s by storm. No, this not themicrowavable kind but its original form hailing from Japan.

We were the last diners on a usual busy Saturday as such many of the favourites like the lamb burger were unavailable. Being a huge noodle fan I dived right into the Ramen which did not disappoint. In lieu of the lamb burger, some diners made dinner out a combination of sides ($10 – $14) the only concerns were some of the portion sizes.

The Mill drinks match their style but don’t look for a full bar. What they do have including flavoured spritzers, mimosas, beer and wine are well selected. The Mill staff friendly and courteous personify the restaurant’s trendy style sporting jeans, tees and headwear from “The Crown Collection”, Caribbean head wraps designed by the owner herself, Ann-Marie Leach. Though friendly and helpful, the staff is still transitioning to nighttime service expectations, something their sister restaurant has down pat.

In the Know

The Mill is sister restaurant to Cocktail Kitchen, both created by the amazingly talented husband and wife team; Damian and Ann-Marie Leach. Cocktail Kitchen is the night giving you Brooklyn street party vibes whilst The Mill is the day giving you Cali Zen. Two sides of the same coin, completely different yet perfectly complimentary, each providing experiences unique to their locales and customer expectations.


The Mill is a wonderful and the consistent lunchtime price tag is excellent on the pockets while not skimming on the quality of food or service. I say add some sunshine to your life and serve dinner sunny side up, make The Mill your chill vibe for any time. Take your Mill experience a step further and visit Cocktail Kitchen to truly appreciate the magic of ambience produced by this creative team. Isn’t the Sunrise more beautiful after you’ve been out all night?   

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