The Time For Marley Is Imminent

An exciting conversation with dancehall artist Marley about his new EP

Watch the full interview here!

Watch this full interview with Bajan dancehall artist Marley on his new EP Imminent. He is from the talented Leacock family and music has been in his blood from a boy. Here, Irijah helps share his story up to the point of his newest project and he has planned coming up!

Singer songwriter Marley is on the hunt for musical greatness. The dancehall singer, whose recent single “Hunt” has been regionally recognized, grew up in a family of singers and musicians, including the late Carlyn Leacock as well as Bajan songbird Nikita. Marley’s affinity for artistic expression therefore comes as no surprise. His introduction to the world came in November 2022 where he launched Imminent: The EP. Including tracks such as Imminent, Pretty, Mind & Money featuring Idea The Artist, Marley fused songs with poetry and voice messages to capture his emotional journey. Below, Marley goes into detail about his singing style, his biggest artistic influences and talks about his debut EP.

Watch the video of Marley’s new single “Hunt” right here!

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