Hear Wuh Gine On Radio Show

Hosted by Empress Zingha & D.J Simmons

Founders of GineOn.com Empress Zingha and D.J Simmons will be bringing the experience on the platform to 947 FM every single Saturday morning from 11am to 1pm!

Today, May 21st, on the Hear Wuh Gine On radio show, we chat with a man who masters the airwaves on 98.1 the One and always playing music at somebody party, DJ Touchdown. The interview will also be streamed live on our instagram page. Tune in all show long to hear new contemporary Bajan music across the genres! Of course we touching on new Crop Over 2022 music as well!

100 % Bajan content on our radio show each Saturday, on CBC 94.7 FM! Follow us on Instagram and check our stories as we party to your favourite Bajans. Powered by Flow Barbados.

Hear your favourite contemporary Bajan music!
Learn about some of the best Bajans!
Perform live on air in the open mic!
Hear about new brand releases from bout hey!
Hear who performing where and when in upcoming events!
And if all dat don’t catch ya, just log on for the good vibes that DJ and Zingha does bring!

Satdee Morning Lime with Mikey & Ramon G

Remember your parents telling you don’t play no Banja in the house pun a morning? Well D.J Simmons, Empress Zingha, Mikey Mercer nor Ramon G ain’t listen! Tune into 94.7 FM every Saturday morning for the Satdee Morning Lime with Mikey and the Hear Wuh Gine On show with D.J Simmons and Empress Zingha! Tell everybody and join the party. Bare banja pun a Saturday. TUNE IN!

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