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Gine On Wid Purple Jacket

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What really is a Purple Jacket though?! All we know is when the minds of rock and EDM collide, purple sparks fly! Over the last couple of months the dynamic duo of Simon Pipe and DJ Davinchi have been exciting our ears with the tunes pumping out the Purple Jacket studio.

Working with many local acts including Edwin Yearwood, Leadpipe and Saddis, Nikita, Stabby and more, as well as connecting with other talents from around the region, these two producers share some of their story behind the passion. They are well on their way building a space for artists to come work with these crazily creative minds!

Check one of their tracks Gine On?! featured on our New Brand page Leadpipe and Saddis – Thunder on the 1 Good Thing Riddim.

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