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Respect Is Spelt R-o-c-h-è

International performing artist Rochelle Griffith shares her experiences from working overseas and with a variety of local talent

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We often hear the phrase, “Barbados has a lot of talent”. But what happens after that? Talented female artist Roché is known for her incredible impact adding vocals to a variety of hit songs. However her experiences performing internationally has shown her how respect differs between being home and how she is accepted overseas. Empress Zingha has a great meaty conversation with her as they dig deep into a variety of thick topics.

This is a video that all creatives and any one who supports creativity will find engaging and educational. Rochelle drops some treasures of knowledge right here and we encourage you to continue the conversation in the comments and among your circles. The topics that Roche and Zingha bring up need to be highlighted, share the link to this video with your peoples! It just takes a second to add some great content to someone who would benefit greatly from this conversation.

Watch Roche try to name the artists she has worked with!

We could not leave without having some fun with ROche though! We challenged her to name some of the artists she has worked with as fast as she could. This was a good laugh. We really tried to help! But really though, Rochelle has put in the WORK in her 15 year career. Let’s continue to support her and let’s keep listening to our artists.

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