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Gine On Wid Black Man Chant

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Andre Clarke had been the musical director for Barbadian band 2 Mile Hill for over a decade. Achieving success upon success over the years. From Nexcyx to 2 Mile Hill, now rebranded as music producer Black Man Chant, he embarks on a solo journey still adding to the local and soon international music scene. (Yes we are speaking it into being.)

After officially resigning from the band in February 2021, Black Man Chant had the opportunity to sit down with new team member of Gine On, Adrian Green for a vivid conversation. They reasoned on everything from the challenge of leaving the family of 2 Mile Hill to the origin of his producing career and the meaning of Black Man Chant. 2 Mile Hill has helped to build his music catalog for so many years, and now it’s time to show more of what Black Man Chant could shout ’bout.

Cloud Coasting is now officially out as well! Black Man Chant has produced a brand new Lo Fi EP perfect to put the chill in your spirit. Don’t know what Lo Fi is? Don’t worry, Adrian didn’t know either. So you could sit and learn the same time as him ☺ and even listen to the full EP loaded up on YouTube all now!

Listen to the full Cloud Coasting EP right here!

We invite you to hang on to every word as Adrian and Andre share stories to help you settle in your seat. If you are loving this sort of vibe don’t forget to subscribe to this page for more action just like this all the time!

Black Man Chant also did some work on ImReallyATRex project as well. You can check out our interview with him right here!

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