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New Releases, New album; Simon Pipe Is Sailing

Watch the full video here!

A tale of the shipwreck of life and love. The all around talent of singer, songwriter, musician and producer Simon Pipe swells in this Sinking Ship video. In the words of Pipe:

Sinking Ship is about addiction, struggling to find something to satisfy cravings, and continually being pulled back into a cycle of using the thing that hurts you to deal with the pain.

What ever the interpretation, it’s hard to deny the melody and vibes of the release.

Written, recorded and produced by Simon himself the track was mastered by Steve Fallone and is one of the singles off the “Sanity Is A Strange State Of Mind” album available for download now at!

Album art for Sanity Is A Strange State Of Mind

Oh yeah the album! Right, that brand new 11 track digital compilation is available for just $5 US off Simon’s site. So as your there pick that up one time!

While we are here, remember when we mentioned Simon the producer? Well he recently did some work with Jamaican dancehall artist Tanya Stephens. Here is a quick little peek of the making of it!

Watch the behind the scenes video here!

Simon Pipe is always busy. A brain constantly churning out art from all angles. Even his skin is a canvas of expression! Experience the video, absorb the album and have fun with his productions. You got the links so if you liking it, share de love!

Find out more about Simon and his Purple Jacket project with DJ Davinchi here.

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