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Men Talking ‘Bout R Kelly, Age Of Consent, And Nuff Other Tings

Watch episode 53 of the INO podcast here!

Marcus Myers and Kofi Jones get together for episode 53 of the Information kNowledge and Observation (INO) podcast; or more affectionately known as “I aiN KnOw nuffin”! This time they are joined by Barbadian actor and all around artist Neil Waithe and producer Mosi Daniel to discuss some “men tings” impacting the community right now. The R Kelly documentary, van culture, the age of consent in Barbados, and alot more.

Neil lives in Jamaica so anytime he is in the island, the INO podcast has to hold on pun he for a good sit down.

Leave the podcast running as you work or go through your day and see if you agree or disagree with the team as they reason. And hey if you liking it, share it! Subscribe to our mailing list for stuff just like this and check Neil and his friend Alandrea speaking on Carifesta in one of our most popular videos.

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