Gine On Stream

Gine On Stream

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Streaming May 14th:

Part I Come From – Jus D
Remember When The Gun Hill Lion Get Paint?!
With The Winners Of The Powerlifting Competition 2018
So How It Was BIM Got Talent
See Who Win In The Arts In The North Draw

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  • Loved it. 2019 bigger and better things coming. Nicely done..hard work pay off.

    You guys looked great. Attire, tone, comments everything was sweet.

    Next one get the other hosts to bring their personal statment attire to complement their hosting. They all did well. Loved the personalities. Kept my attention and I like the off side comments as well.
    Also one coloured envelop across the categories or a different colour one for each or a grouping of categories.

    Example something bajan printed on the envelop.

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