So How It Was?

So How It Was – Open Mic Hosted By Rhy Minister

Watch the full thing here!

Open Mic with RhyMinister is quickly becoming the place to be on a Wednesday night! Held at Naaman’s Rum Stop from 9pm you can hear from Spoken Word to Soca. And trust us there is a lot in between for you to enjoy!

The underground community is strong and the support is even stronger. The nostalgia of dynamic Mic Check nights is definitely there with Wesu Wallace the incredible musical engine driving the freestyle force of Sunrokk and Rhy Minister. There is also a fresh addition of artists sharpening their skills on the mic. An intimate spot but the vibe is bigger than the space and it feels like a family when you are among artists from every corner.

A lot of more seasoned artists had their start at the Open Mic such as the song bird Ch’An and established artists like 2 Mile Hill, Rubytech and Rishan are also there enjoying an easy night. This space is for everyone yes! Even you! So grab that written piece and a few friends and meet us there!

Naaman’s Bar is located at the top of St. Lawrence Gap. Click the link to take you there!

Watch the latest video in our So How It Was series when we hung out with some people sharing their memories of Mahalia’s Corner.

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