Painting The Art Of Business

Sheena Rose sharing the professional strokes every serious creative needs to hear

Watch Part 1 Of Painting The Business Of Art here!

International visual artist Sheena Rose. Yes! A born Barbadian stretching her talent to craft her place as an emerging force in the art landscape overseas. With this comes invaluable learning through experience which has opened the eyes and opportunities of Sheena. She recognizes the value the creative industries has to offer the world.

Empress Zingha had the opportunity to sit with Rose as she shared some stories of what she’s been up to and dropping some valuable gems of knowledge creatives definitely will want to pick up. From being featured in Vogue Magazine, Getty Images and Emma Watson’s social media to painting international multi floor murals Sheena is definitely leaving her mark.

Sheena had so much to share! We divided up the goodness so you have enough time to digest each piece. In part one of this four part series, Sheena paints a picture of what is possible through art with some of the work she has been doing. Most recently being featured on an episode of the hit TV series Empire.

Watch Part 2 – The Business Behind Art here!

Now some, if not most of creatives struggle to make art their full time passion. All of this talent bursting from the seams and yet still trapped in a soul sinking 9 to 5. Well in the second part of the series, Sheena touches on the journey of transforming from a brand to a business. This is the part that will definitely peak the interest of art entrepreneurs who are serious about their craft.

Some artists can be intimidated when some business terms and jargon come up but this can be the jump start you need in this deep conversation between Zingha and Sheena. Actually Empress Zingha is hosting an upcoming workshop including some of these same topics and you can register for that right here!

Watch Part 3 – Recognising Your Value here!

In part 3, Sheena Rose explores how important it is to dig down into the importance of maintaining the mindset of what they offer the cultural industries. It is only when you recognise your worth is then you can approach the private and public sectors with the confidence fir success. In this episode Sheena shares her stories of working with the private sector and how other creatives can align themselves with brand partners.

Next week it’s about social media and networking!

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