So How It Was?

So How It Was: Mahalia’s Corner – Kweku

Watch the video here!

Is ten years of Mahalia’s Corner! Ten years of 2 Mile Hill, Open Mic, nuff musical guests, music, vibes and smiles from the days of Bump N Wine to now. And Tuesday September 3rd the Corner kicked off the new season with The Origin Story at Marina Bar (the old Bump N Wine) with musical guest Kweku Jelani!

This is a special edition of So How It Was. We asked a couple of the patrons (nuff people was in dey) what are some of their favourite memories through the journey. Hear from them direct in the video above and live through some of the moments from Tuesday night!

We even got some more memories captured by Cyndi Marshall in the gallery below so have a browse and pick out who you see and share!

Of course check out our events list for all upcoming action for Mahalia’s Corner and all the other action in the performing arts! Also nominations for the 2019 People’s Choice Awards are open so head on over and submit who know know should get big up the most in 2019.

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