So How It Was?

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

A special Christmas feature at Mahalia’s Corner

Ask a Bajan what does Christmas mean to them and a lot of the time you will hear the word “family”. Neck and neck with family you would hear food too because you know Bajans love we belly! We dived into the community of the hundreds who attend the now annual Mahalia’s Corner Christmas event. Immersing ourselves in some of that spirit of the season that 2 Mile Hill and The Leacock family were bringing to the stage.

We were trying to figure out just what does Christmas mean to a Bajan family? What are the things we hold dear? And how a night at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre with arguably the most talented family in Barbados can help sprinkle some magic? Take in the stories of some of the excited patrons at Mahalia’s Corner and get caught up in the good vibes. Watch right to the end for a special Leacock Christmas tradition from the lady Carolyn Leacock!

If you ever wondered exactly why family is so important at Christmas time, one look at how Carolyn Leacock was looking at Nikita as she was belting out Joy To The World and you can see how for a short time once a year, how powerful and magical love is. And Christmas is love! At least that’s what we at Gine On?! think.

From everyone in our team we wish you sincere seasons greetings and hope all of you enjoy a safe holiday season. If you loving the vibe of our video, be that friend who shares the good stuff!

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