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Gine On Wid Vayne

Watch the full interview here!

Every time we hear Vayne’s voice vibrating our radio, hosting some of the biggest shows or rocking the rap off some remixes, we feel the energy behind the drive of this lady. There is definitely a story here and we had a real sweet convo with the emcee and Slam FM announcer.

We talk ’bout the days in New York with DJ Kay Slay, doing mixtapes with Busta Rhymes and Remy Ma, beefing with Nikki Minaj, the roundabout transition to radio, her vision for her shows Vayne’s Top 10 countdown and Vayne’s Word; man we cover some stuff here with your girl. 

Some knowledge was dropped for sure, so relax and enjoy cause something in here will inspire.  Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more stories just like this and subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit that bell so you don’t miss out on a thing that we do!

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  • The interview was HARD … .I LOVE Vayne and her whole vibe … and I’m not a rap head but that tune …. I LUVS IT…. you know what time it is —– #PASSIONENDORSED!!!!!!!

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