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Gine On Wid Surf Rat

A fairly interesting fella once you sit down and listen to him.

Full forty minute conversation with wunna favourite Deejay. Watch it here!

Salut to Surf Rat.

Empress Zingha had the opportunity to sit down with one of the island’s most popular personalities; one Surf Rat! The deejay who comes from St. Lucy don’t usually “come town” too often for an interview so when Gine On get he, we sit down and talk bout nuff things!

From the origin of his name and where he starting playing music, to his experiences with Drake, Rhianna and some of Barbados’ biggest parties. The conversation even went down the road of being blamed for being too vulgar, playing for bougie crowds and taking the importance of the deejay industry more seriously.

This one of the longest Gine On exclusive interviews to date! Kick back with a snack or beverage and check and see what de Rat and Zingha talk bout. We even gave wunna a bonus video where he answered some of the questions directly from the public! So check below right here for more fun!

Watch the bonus Ask Me Anything video right here!

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