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Dinner With G – The Cliff Beach Club


Dinner with G goes (Back) to The Cliff Beach Club

We started the 2018 season of Dinner with G (DWG) with a return to The Cliff Beach club (TCBC). Rumor had it there was a completely new and much improved menu.

TCBC can easily be defined as the groovy little sister of the prestigious The Cliff. Dive into an eclectic mix of décor styles; a Psychedelic Sinbad meets Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Interstellar. Groovy. Mediterranean… seaside dining.


Saturday night we were greeted by friendly staff, Valet parking, and a very accommodating atmosphere. The wait staff in nauticalesque long sleeve t-shirts, far more casual than their button up and bow tie neighbours, rolled out a red carpet of service keeping the evening light and fresh. They stay true to their eclectic dining concept. This time around I was sad to discover Sinbad’s intergalactic décor had set sail leaving us with only a few lonely disco.

Time to Order

The Menu price point is on the higher side. Starters & salads ranging from $30 – $70 and Mains starting at $55 and going up to $105 with most options hovering in the $70 – $90 range.  In comparison with its big sister, TCBC fits its mandate as the lower priced casual experience providing more bistro-like and playful menu options. The Bread basket is not a given here but a separate menu option. Positives? If you’re watching your figure this is a plus? The overall menu can best be described as narrow-variety balancing simplicity with elegance. If you’re a vegetarian you definitely feel the narrow as you’re limited to only 3 options, albeit 3 very elegant options.

Portion sizes are more suited to a two or three course meal, as a single course may leave you feeling “a bit bare”. As for the cocktail menu it’s readily available. You could say it appears at every corner full of yummy pricey treats ranging from $20 – $35. There is a regular drinks menu… once you ask for it.


Dinner at TCBC leaves me with mixed feelings. I love their service, for friendly staff and consistency they can’t be beat. Food experience is another matter. Repeat diners myself included, agreed this was a vast improvement over our last visit but newbies were disappointed. It all boils down to who they are ultimately catering for. TCBC’s dinner selections are fighting an uphill battle of quality vs. quantity vs. price. Currently, locals are weighing every penny and feel keenly any disparity between assigned valued and the final product. Visitors well versed in The Cliff fare understand TCBC for what it is; a casual night out where they can bring along the kids.

Take away – if you’re a serious foodie, dinner at TCBC may not be for you. Expectation vs. Reality may lead you down a path called Disappointment. Rumor has it though their lunch menu is way more successful. If you’re a casual foodie and you have the dollar bills to throw down go ahead get your seaside table with fantastic water views, order your bread basket and enjoy a 3 course meal or simply enjoy a few drinks and dessert by the bar.

TCBC is the simple pleasure of enjoying an element of a brand while gently keeping your internal culinary critic at bay.

So until next month….

See you at Dinner.

  • Georgina Callender


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