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Runaway With Ch’An

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Sound and visuals combine to capture your senses for five breathtaking minutes. In this New Brand post, Ch’an comes to us with Runaway! A smooth and sultry R&B / Jazz fusion, with beautiful and sublime landscapes joining her as she journeys to find what she cannot escape. Experience this story…

The team behind this story about finding love at all costs is the Riptide Music Group. Produced by Mosi Daniel and co-produced by Mia Cumberbatch. The creative visuals included the team of Davidson Eversley, Cielo, Kahlil Worrell, Shaka Mayers with special appearances by Marcus Myers and the horse Smack Damn.

Runaway was written by Mia Cumberbatch, produced by Mosi Daniel and mixed and mastered by Rubadan Productions with guitars performed by Reyshad “Xavi” Selman.

This is a big one for real. We ain’t gin put ya wrong. If you liking it, share it! Subscribe to our mailing list for stuff just like this and alot more and have a look at a past interview we did with Ch’An as she prepared for her big feature at Mahalia’s Corner.

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