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Legend Says There’s A Ghost Up Gun Hill

Cosplay, videography and video games combine to immerse you in a visual display

Watch the full short video of Ghost of Gun Hill here!

When creative minds combine anything could happen. Javon Green of Green Works Cosplay and Vonley Smith of VWS Studios being inspired by popular video game Ghosts Of Tsushima, collaborated on this entertaining visual of legend. The narration written and performed by Jason Russell then added the polish needed to really bring this passion to life.

We at VWS Studios were all heavily inspired by the game and decided to mirror the culture all the way from the island of Barbados with our very own Ghost!

Vonley Smith

Edited by V-uture with sound engineering by Shaquille Welch. The team promises merch coming soon. We are hoping to see some more visual action in time as well! Who would like to see a full mini series of the Ghost of Gun Hill!

If you are liking what you are seeing, share the wealth with your peoples so they in the know as well.

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