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Cyndi Celeste releases her debut EP Cyndicated

Listen to the EP on Selecta Charts here!

Many artists choose a name they want to be represented by. Some others grow into a title that was already there for them. Young spoken word poet Cyndi Celeste releases her debut EP Cyndicated. A project that took patience and care as Cyndi pours her soul into the 8 tracks you can listen to on Selecta Charts right here!

In a time that is charged with movements celebrating and advocating for blackness, Cyndicated is Afro-appreciative and Afro-critical as well. It is where social commentary, storytelling, and instrumentation meet, and is cathartic, informative, and most importantly, accessible for lovers of poetry and new listeners alike.

Cyndi Celeste

With favourites like Say My Name and Badu there is no question when Cyndi Celeste opens her mouth, story jump out! Also featuring the talents of Adrian Green and Maarten Edwards. Check it out, feel the impact, then share the vibe with your peoples so everyone is in the know!

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