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Click Play to watch Tales From The Script Episode 1: Days Of The Bold And The Restless

You know Bajans love a piece of drama and have spent countless hours planted in front the TV at lunch time and just before the news to tune in to the extravagant tales ranging from Stefano DiMera, to Ridge and Brook. Well, thanks to Hall-e-Wood Productions and the Tales From The Script initiative we get our own version of daytime drama. In this film short, Days Of The Bold And The Restless, Amanda Logan used her feminine wiles to seduce Drake. But she soon realises that she got more than she bargained for. Written, produced and directed by Rommel Hall and starring Simone Taylor, Danny Ward, Keishia Pope and Neil Hoyte.

To catch you up, Tales from the Script is a web series that will feature five short films produced over five months based on scripts submitted by Barbadian writers. If you enjoying episode 1 make sure to like their page and we will make sure you know when we get more Tales From The Script!


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