People’s Choice Awards 2020

Thanks to all of you have nominated in this year’s awards. You guys have done a fantastic job with this diverse and talented list! Time to vote now! Hop to a category to sound your voice and make a choice. To show how powerful your vote is, each person is allowed to vote only once per device in each category.

Take your time, learn bout some Bajans doing big things ’bout hey, and make your choice of the people and pieces who impacted you the most in 2019.

When you go to vote, once you hit the nominee square your vote is confirmed! Awright good…

This marks the 2nd Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards which celebrates Barbadian culture by recognising and highlighting those impacting our local lifestyle. Let us continue the conversation and discussion bringing awareness to our cultural practitioners.

Look out for the ceremony where we announce and award the winners on February 23rd. Follow us on instagram, twitter and facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with wuh gine on!

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