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The Most Honourable

The Mighty Gabby Epic Interview

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When you ask a master storyteller a question, you become entranced by tales woven between experienced journeys. Dr. Anthony “Gabby” Carter is a celebrated singer, song-writer, teacher and Cultural Ambassador. And while his success on stage is well documented, we seldom dig into the culture of this man. This living legend. In this epic interview, Empress Zingha sits in the cultural museum that is Gabby’s home and guides a beautiful conversation coloured by his creative characters and stories.

“Art is timeless. Art is a part of culture. And culture is everything.”

The Mighty Gabby

In this epic interview titled “The Most Honourable”, we learn how Gabby became the country’s cultural ambassador and was ordained a Chief in Nigeria. He touched on the recent controversy behind the lyrical content of the Trojan riddim and the responsibilities of artists. He even shared his views on how we need to educate our selves to greatness, mentally, creatively and financially.

The knowledge Gabby drops in this video may be exactly what you need to hear. To help you to wake up to new possibilities; question yourself to evolve or reinforce what you already know and love. Grab your favourite beverage or snack. Share it with the best people because this is a good one.

This video is part of the Freedom Festival. Produced by Gine On and directed by Empress Zingha.

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