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All Over The Place Like Poonka… Where Dat Come From?!

Watch and find out where “All over the place like Poonka” come from!

You ever catch yourself saying… or overhear somebody tell someone; “You all bout de place like Poonka!” Yeah we too. But where that come from?

We know de tuk band man Poonka, but why exactly he was apparently all bout de place? Well we connect with the stalwart for a quick conversation where we asked him the same very question. So as we learn you would find out!

Check out Poonka’s company Ruk-A-Tuk on Facebook! What other Bajan pharses do you use but ain’t sure where they came from?

Check out a lil piece of All Over The Place from izellajaouda recording on YouTube!

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  • I’ve always said “you all over de place like poonka donkey” Now I know how the donkey in there

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