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So How It Was – Naomi

Hear from those who experienced the launch event right here!

A young rapper. Lyrically gifted. Flowing through life experiences complimented by a live band breathing life into his new album Naomi. This is what we experience October 17th when we entered the launch event of Shai Bascombe’s new offering. 11 tracks that many of the patrons at Regne Lounge were already familiar with. We can’t build a time machine, but we will take you back through the stories of some who were there and find out how the Naomi album event was!

That he could dare to make each song a bop in its own right while delivering on his intention is WILD. So I’m so honoured to be included in this gorgeous collection of work. I couldn’t be more proud of Shaí – honestly! Buy Naomi, learn it and learn from it! Follow him on everything ’cause it’s only up from here… #BalloonsUP


I was aware of Shai’s music from inception. Communicated with him a lot along the way and it is amazing to see where he is at with it now and how he has continuously progressed. I always liked his imagery – it’s top notch. Love the video work, love the themes, love the production. Definitely really proud of this project.

Teff Hinkson

Hit the cover above to support this emerging artist and get your ears on Naomi! If you are loving what you are hearing, share the link and let everyone else know wuh gine on wid Shai!

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