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See What Happens When Things Get Wet?!

Gibbzy Dan releases a new tune for lovers on rainy days called 20 Toes Weather.

Listen to the full song here!

If you are familiar with the flinging lyrics that does come from Gibbzy Dan you would know what sort of treat your ears are about to encounter. From Azman ya rangate Azman days, Gibbzy also had a unique approach to lyrics, causing any Bajan to relate to his catchy storytelling! You know that as little rain fall Bajans do not like to leave home, so this release come at the right time when de rains coming down!

My song 20 toes weather will hopefully encourage couples to invite some spontaneity,where needed, back into the relationship. Stopping home from work to frolic is just one idea, there are many many more to be explored!

Gibbzy Dan

If you can relate to wanting to be with that special someone instead insied somebody workplace, then this song is going to be on repeat for sure! Written by Gibbzy himself and produced by Noize Boyz Productions. If you liking this sort of thing and know that this will light up somebody else’s night, try and share the link!

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