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Now Is The Time To Speak Up If You Into Animation

Outstanding visual artist Versia Harris wants to know who is interested in Animation classes.

There is potential for something powerful here. Versia Harris has been producing animated videos for a number of years now that have been featured internationally. It now seems like if there is a chance she may be conducting classes for those interested in learning directly from her in this exciting field. Actually let we shut up so you can hear from her mouth directly:


I am Versia Abeda Harris an artist living and working in Barbados. I’ve been making experimental animated videos since 2011. They’ve been shown regionally and internationally, including, Trinidad, Curacao, Brazil,Russia and Berlin, and have even won a couple of awards along the way! I was awarded a Fulbright Laspau Scholarship in 2017 and studied at Cranbrook Academy of Art. I graduated in May 2019 and am back home making even more animations! All that to say, I am thinking about hosting experimental animation classes and I’m wondering who is interested, if anyone. Experimental animation sits outside of an any one established technique of animation making and instead is a combination of styles and methods and best all, what you can come up. The point is to experiment, play and have fun while creating a structure of sequential images that create a video. There are some techniques and programs that I would teach so that you are on the way to creating your own video. The course might also have to include an experimental drawing phase as an introductory. But that would be decided depending on the persons interested. So if any of that sounds good to you please express that in the comments or in private messages. Cost or venue is not decided yet. This post is just to see if I can get the numbers to move forward. Check out the video made by me. A small taste of my latest work. And also my website: “

Watch some of Versia’s recent work above and check her channel here!

So don’t stick up and waste time and let an incredible opportunity go long! Connect with Versia all now.

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