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Through Kellie Cadogan’s New Book My Vocal Journey

Watch the full video here stay on til the end to see Zingha and Kellie having fun with some vocal exercises!

If there is any one you should listen to when it comes to vocals it is singer, songwriter and vocal coach Kellie Cadogan. Over her double digit years of experience Kellie has learned the importance of documenting your progress and learning more about your body as you journey through your singing career. And that is exactly what has inspired her to publish My Vocal Journal.

This guide aids singers and vocal trainers to gauge their journey and learn not just from their book but from their body at the same time. In this video, Empress Zingha finds out from the founder of East Point Productions Inc exactly what this book is for and the potential power it has. She and Kellie even go through a little vocal exercise as well!

Kellie is a treasure of knowledge when it comes to vocals so whether it’s dealing with warm up exercises or breathing techniques. Grab a copy of the book today online or from A & B Music Supplies in Sheraton or from Kellie Cadogan her self!

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