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Lil Rick Too R.H Raw?

Bajan Fari want to know why people got problems with Lil Rick singing No R.H.

Years now Bajan Fari has been engaging with the community communicating about the relevant issues that stirring up bout in Barbados. The latest thing the vlogger touching on now is the trouble Lil Rick causing with his new song No R.H. If you ain’t hear it yet… we don’t believe you. But just in case look it here. (It got a couple bad words in dey so headphones in please!)

Listen to No R.H by Lil Rick

Now Fari is challenging how Bajans perceive the R.H. word. Why we except “bad words” from other cultures but shame of our own? Watch his full session here and see if you agree. (Again, bad words, headphones, good.)

Watch Bajan Fari’s commentary here!

You wid Fari or you think Lil Rick causing a real real problem. Comment below and let we know.

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Click here for when we spoke to Bajan Fari and Buggy about their collaboration. On another note wunna ever see Bajan Fari photography? Check out he Instagram page and see. He bad fuh trut.

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