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It’s Jus D Yeah, A Whooole… Album

Jus D releases a fifteen track album full of your favourite hits plus some ones you are about to love

Over the years you would recognise that Jus D is not just the dynamic performer you may see on soca stages. The young man has been writing even longer than he has been singing and have produced the music and vibe behind many hits as well. And we are able to embrace that full combination of talent in his debut alum “Other Side”. Featuring fifteen tracks of hits we already move to as well as new ones we are ready to love. We had the opportunity to speak with the man live during one of our Online Open Mic sessions live on instagram that you can peep at for yourself right here!

Watch the full IG live interview uncut right here!

Now the thing is we went into the interview with the knowledge of this album “coming soon”. Thing is Jus D allowed us to know right there in front everyone that the track was dropping that same Saturday night at midnight! And the good thing for you is here is the link to make sure you can get your hands and ears on the new brand album.

Jus D had planned a whole live event this season that was postponed because of somebody name Rona. Crop Over was cancelled because of somebody named Rona. BUT, Jus D is making sure the vibes continue in this contribution. So follow the links and don’t get leff out.

P.S the track “Boom Bang” is the track everyone bouncing to so peep that one first before you play the hits like “Hole” and “Mananger” and “Nine” and, well you know dem.

If you want more Jus D we got more ya know! Check out his episode in our Part Ya Come From series.

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