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G-Syndicate Mix Up Something Sweet

The new release “Chemistry” from the acapela group is here and it is a fusion that definitely deserves a couple listens

Watch the full lyric video for Chemistry by G-Syndicate right here!

You could believe all you are hearing is voices hitting your eardrums? While many of us may be feeling disappointed by the cancelling of Crop Over, the smooth styling of G-Syndicate are here to try to pick those spirits right back up with their bouncing new track Chemistry. These six vocalists are throwing down a vibe that reminds us of festive times in a unique flavour.

The track was written by Rachel Rowe and the groove is led by Khiomal and Marc. You could feel the work that Derek Marshall put into arranging the track also with production magic added by Chris Allman and Anthony Lowhar.

Although Chemistry was always going to be released during Crop Over, it wasn’t intended to be a “Crop Over” track. It’s a dance track, something that people can jam and enjoy themselves to in a fete, party, car, house, or wherever. But if people want to call it a Crop Over track… Go right ahead, we take it as a compliment!

Brett Linton of G-Syndicate

We know how much this track means to the group so congrats on the release guys! Now if you liking what you are hearing, try and share the link and give the guys some forward.

Learn a lil more about these six stunning voices in an interview right here look!

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