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G-Syndicate Apologizes

G-Syndicate releases music video for their new release My Apology

Watch the full video here!

Should we forgive and move on? Do you believe in second chances? Well G-Syndicate is doing their best to give us their apology in their new music video. With acoustic of the acapella band undertones and idyllic scenes of Barbados couple with the guys’ romantic scenes – all you have to do is to go check My Apology by G Syndicate to accept their offer!

This track weaves an emotional, relatable story of a lover expressing the sweetest of sentiments as he tries to win back the love of his life. In signature G-Syndicate style, the delivery of the single provides an immersive experience while caressing your ears and working its way into your heart.


Listeners will once again fall in love with the smooth-sounding vocals of Barbados’ premier a capella band on this release which has that authentic Caribbean feel. The track, which was written by Jadon Knight, was arranged by one of the group’s lead singers, Derek Marshall. It was produced by Chris Allman of Slam City Studios and mixed and mastered by Anthony Lowhar at Commercial Studios Inc. Credit for the track’s vocal production goes to Vocaldini.

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