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Find Peace In This Powerful Collaboration

Mikey and John Yarde add their energy to the magic of a nostalgic classic to release “Peace (Jehovah Knows)”.

Sometimes we receive comfort in things we did not know we even needed. A friend reminded Mikey of the song Jehovah Knows. A favourite of his which comforted him for years, and he set out to produce his own version to help offer comfort to all of us who are surviving a challenging time. Whether the challenges have been financial, mental, emotional or even spiritual, as we navigate these hardships, the one thing we all long for is a sense of tranquility. A sense of peace.

It is my hope that this song resonates with you as it has with me. I hope it transports you to a place where you feel washed with an ethereal serenity, bringing you that ‘Peace’ that transcends earthly boundaries. I wish for you not just positive thoughts but I hope this track is a ministry in song that reminds you that God reigns even in the midst of chaos. 


Pastor John Yarde responded eagerly to the collaboration to create, and the magic sparked. You can hear his appreciation of being a part of this track rigth at the the beginning of the video. Chris Allman of Slam City did the production. Yomi worked on vocal arrangement and some vocals and Vocaldini for the vocal editing. Anthony Lowhar provided mixing and mastering. Danny Reid was responsible for the artwork and AKM studio created the visuals.

The resurgence of the song seems nothing but a timely, divine reminder that eventually everything will be ok. As you take in the vibes Mikey insists that you listen with headphones so you can be immersed in the experience. It mighty.

Share the vibe with your peoples so they can be in the know as well! And if you want to dig a little more into the mind of Mikey check out this past feature video we did with him.

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