Euphoria! More Than A Band

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If you were at the launch of Euphoria lineup of costumes for Foreday 2019 you may have been lost in the colour and splendor of the moving art. Look for yourself the band look good! But that is not all. Soca performer and Gine On?! host Brett Linton linked up with band leader Adrian and Creative Director Shameka at the band launch and together they showed that Euphoria is more than just a band or simply entertainment, but a movement dedicated to building our culture through the spirit of a tribe.

You can taste the energy of what this entity has coming for Foreday this year and hear how they are aiding the community going forward! Just feel the vibe that was on display. If you feeling it hit them online to join their spirit.

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And Brett is more than just a boss host; de brother could sing! Check out his tune for this season building those positive vibes right here too:

Listen to Brett’s Crop Over 2019 release: We’re Alive!

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