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Don’t Sleep On Shaayz: 1001 Lullabies

An album seeping with Bajan talent

Watch the video right here!

After dreams of creativity took this young producer offshore, Shaayz returned home with an inspiration and motivation to drop some talent on some big beats he was building!

Basically when I was working on it in the earlier stages, I sent a demo track to a friend who I usually receive critiques from. He told me the melodies on the track had really sounded like a lullaby to him. I made a joke and told him, “wha bigman, I got bout a thousand of these!”

That breathed life into Shaayz’s debut project 1001 Lullabies. A twelve track effort featuring talented local lyricists including Island Levvy, Fantom Dundeal, Jahkoda, Kween and more!

Check the video to hear more about Shaayz and the story behind 1001 Lullabies and talking about the ablum; get your ears on it here!

Also peep at Fantom Dundeal’s latest album right here!

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