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Don’t Tell These Kind Of Stories Driving Out In The Bush!

New spooky short film The Bride by Actuality Studios

Were you every giving your friend (who live real far) a ride home and he tells you a spooky story? You know once somebody bring up something ignorant it does start to play with your head too. Well that is exactly how this short film, The Bride, produced by Actuality Studios begins.

Ian, played by Mikyle Gibbons, is giving his friend Chris, Damian Blackett, a ride home, which is in an isolated and remote part of Barbados. During the ride home, Chris tells Ian about the folklore of “The Bride”. Well, you could watch and see what happen next. A story and vision stemming from the mind of Neil Hoyte.

SPOILER ALERT! At the end they say The Bride will return so we can’t wait to see what happen next! In the meantime if you liking this local short film share it, cause ya know Bajans does can’t keep nutten so to we self…

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