Bout De Bajanisms Book

Mahalia launches her book documenting the colourful dialect of Barbados

Watch the interview with Empress Zingha here!

Established artist Mahalia is already known for 2 Mile Hill, dancing and hosting the popular Mahalia’s Corner. Now she is a whole author to add to that, with the recent release of her first book Bajanisms. A well put together piece of documentation that highlights the uniqueness of Bajans, and decoration with our language and customs. Guaranteed to both teach and laugh the book went available on December 7th.

During the book launch, Mahalia held a feature interview with Gine On‘s Empress Zingha on stage and you can experience that interview here right now! Learn about why this book is so important the locals and visitors alike, the plans for where it can go, and when a child experiences the book what they should expect. Watch and enoy!

The crowd at the book launch were also treated to Mahalia reading an excerpt from her new book Bajanisms.

Watch Mahalia read Bajan greetings! An excerpt from her book Bajanisms.

Here she explores the unique ways in which Bajans greet each other. You know some of these yes? See if you learn a thing or two too.

Bajanisms is now available islandwide and online as well. Visit to get all the links and info you need to get this Barbadian gem in your hand.

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