COME DOWNSTAGE – Who Is Tiffani Outside Of Her Craft?

Many of us have contemplated or been asked this question at some point. It’s almost as if this question seems to be the golden ticket of the hour, especially since that guy COVID came to visit. Let’s be real, and I mean really honest with ourselves. He came and caused many to have to pivot and get creative in order to make a little change after job loss. The longer he stayed the more people had to think about their true passions and who they were when striped down to the core.

Take Tiffani Williams for example. A young vibrant Bajan actor, dancer and singer who holds a BFA in Acting (Stage & Film) from Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA). She knew from a very young age that she was destined to be a performer with her eyes set on landing roles on Broadway and booking many film projects after graduation. Then COVID, as we would say in Bajan, came with his musty self and disrupted the entire plan. Like many others studying abroad, she was forced to come home for refuge but more importantly to redesign an alternate plan.

Here’s where it got iffy for Tiffy. Tiffani was sure from the age of five that she wanted to be on our screens. That’s what she told her parents almost two decades ago while watching television as a family.

(Click here to listen to Tiffani retelling the tale.)

With this guy looming over everyone’s head, how was this possible. This was not as easy as pouting and demanding she had her way as a child or being very opinionated with a clear plan of execution. That cute stuff doesn’t work with MR COVID. The question remained…

Acting was that one thing that seeped out from Tiffani’s being; that she could do even with her eyes closed, that brought her great satisfaction, loss of sleep and appetite, increased stress, accolades and awards. So, Tiffani turned inward and crafted blog posts for Theatre Convos, sharing her experience in the arts as well as her hopes and wishes for our creative economy. Though this was only a temporary fix, she realized that this question is a heavy one. It takes a great deal of honesty and sans rose colored glasses to get down to the gritty truth.

Who are YOU outside of your craft? I’d love to hear your story. Be sure to leave your comment below and listen to the full podcast episode of Come Downstage with Jae – “Moving forward during unchartered waters with Tiffani Amber Williams.”

~ Jae is a passionate Theatre Practitioner and Educator with a Masters in Arts – Creative Arts and the Creativist of Theatre Convos. Find her via @theatreconvos

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