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At various stages of our lives, we had to make some hard decisions about our next steps. Sometimes, we have that gut feeling about it being right, and sometimes we are clouded with fear that we feel nothing besides worry. Our first thought is often, am I making the right decision.

Neil Waithe had a similar situation a few years ago. Unlike you and I, he didn’t ponder on the idea too long. He was sure that even though he was almost finished his theatre studies at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, it was the ideal time to jump ship and start anew.

Some would call this a madman vibe, but Neil had to trust that he was making the best sacrifice for his creative journey, even if it meant starting over.

Seven years ago, Neil moved to Jamaica to sharpen his artistic skills in theatre at the School of Drama, Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts. After completing his studies three years ago, he stayed on the island to expand his creative projects to photography, more importantly sharing his training via drama teachings in Secondary Schools and Developmental programmes. 

Just like years before, Neil recently felt the urge to set sails again but this time homeward bound with a no return date to Jamaica. It was the first time in seven years that he was not doing a short two-week stay home. Many have asked him why he decided to come home during the pandemic. Here’s what Neil had to say. 

As creatives, we must learn the difficult task of trusting the journey and find solace in knowing that our paths are individually directed. We are our scriptwriters, and at any point, we can stop and edit a scene where need be. Of course, it’s may not be easy, but my friend, you have to take a chance on yourself like Neil did and trust the process. Learn more about his journey as you listen to his story.

~ Jae is a passionate Theatre Practitioner and Educator with a Masters in Arts – Creative Arts and the Creativist of Theatre Convos. Find her via @theatreconvos

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