Sunday Grooves At Hunterspring

A jazz series designed to showcase young talent sharing the stage with veteran musicians.

The melodic sound of her voice flowed from above, the notes seem to encircle everyone there, and as their gazed upward she began her descent. Forty-four steps could not stand between jazz singer Kellie Cadogan and her awaiting audience on the Gully Deck below at Sunday Grooves.

Audience enjoying the Sunday Grooves

Accompanied by acclaimed musician Roger Gittens, Kellie’s set included a tribute to RPB with an original jazz treatment of his popular Boat Ride; her rendition was unexpected, unique and delightful!

Music is not the only unexpected and refreshing aspect of this new music series on the event calendar; the venue itself is also an awesome talking point. Husband and wife team Rory Hunte & Carla Springer conceptualized and transformed their backyard gully into Hunterspring at Edgecombe in St. Philip.

They efforts have not gone unnoticed. Minister of Creative Economy, Culture & Sports, John King believes, “This is an example of the creative economy at its best! You take a backyard gully and repurpose it and now artistes have this new awesome venue in which to showcase and best of all it is in St. Philip.”

The Hunterspring venue is now home to Sunday Grooves, a monthly jazz series designed to showcase young talent sharing the stage with veteran musicians.

Just ask Kofi Gilkes and his fellow Kloud 9 teenage band mates, who got a live master class when they were joined on stage in a surprise performance by guitar virtuoso, Ian ‘Eyan’ Alleyne.

Ian Alleyne jamming with the Kloud 9 band!

“I was told Ian Alleyne was good, but when he came on stage and started playing and I got to experience it live, it was totally mind blowing! It was a wonderful opportunity to grace the stage with such an amazing musician, Mr. Alleyne has motivated us and shown us how we too can elevate the music by being dedicated to our craft.”

From 19 year old saxophonist Kofi Gilkes

A true Guitar phenomenon, Ian Alleyne didn’t hesitate to wow the lucky audience, who watched in awe and screamed their appreciation as he raised his guitar to his face and played Prince’s Purple Rain with his teeth!

“I think it is refreshing to have venues like this where we can showcase talent both young and old.”

While Eyan as he is affectionately known, has toured with Eddy Grant, UK band Roachford and singer Des’ree, Crop Over 2019 has marked the emergence of a new singing performance moniker for him, Skung Yung, which has landed Eyan among the 14 finalists for Soca Monarch. “I’ve played all three Sunday Grooves in this first series, the fact that I get to interact with these different musicians is very special and an experience that I can’t really get anywhere else and I look certainly look forward to more.”

Series two of Sunday Grooves at Hunterspring begins August 25th 2019 with violinist Wesley Morris and vocalist Kareem Agard. The first series also included Mylon Clarke and jazz band Altered 5th.

Written by Belle Holder.

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