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So How It Was: Mahalia’s Corner – Three Kings

When Gine On?! magazine goes to a show we get to sit down in front some amazing talent and we enjoy bringing the passion that surrounds us straight to your screen. Mahalia’s Corner continued their twenty 18 season by inviting the harmonious energy of the Three Kings; John Yarde, Alix Cage and Raphael Saul as musical guests. The special surprise spotlight artist was the 12 year old ball of talent Trinity Clarke, the open mic was full up with action and of course 2 Mile Hill brought the goodness with some old school magic plus an unbelievable tribute to Aretha Franklin with Nikita and Betty Payne on stage. Well we ain’t gotta tell you, watch and see for your self how it was!

Best part about what we do is we get to hang out with some of the people who torch the stage and find out piece more about them just for you. Check out the conversation with Three Kings and Trinity Clarke.

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