SK Ain’t Stuck In Reverse – Forward!

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Well we all know what happened with who won the International Bashment Soca Competition 2019 – wait you ain’t know?! Well let we catch you up quick then…

Two winners, SK and King Bubba tied for 1st place in the competition with King Bubba’s camp leaving the event with the trophy leaving SK to feel a bit disrespected as you could understand. Social media and news sites exploded with all the theories of how there could be a tie to – who should have won to – SK not having the opportunity to really embrace the trophy after his win. Yes opinions were flying and we will drop some links for you to check them out if you like. BUT there is more to SK, the youngest Bashment Soca King ever, than controversy after a victory.

After a long day of microphones and cameras all up in his face, the young man still made some time to come chill out with Empress Zingha of Gine On?! And they had a chat about some of his passions. Working with Lil Rick and Kennell Productions. The evolution and development of Bashment Soca. How he approaches songwriting. He even had lil energy to play a game at the end. 

While we touch a little bit on the bashment after the competition we hope this helps you to get to know the “1st, 2nd, park, reverse” man a bit better and follow his journey with us cause this is only the start. Is only forward from here! Congrats King.

Check these links for coverage of the Bashment Soca competition from the Nation and Barbados Today.

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